The MBTBC Social Cruise group – Boaties who like to socialise and share our love of boating, fishing and camping. We support safe and courteous boating practices PLUS have a lot of fun along the way. We meet several times a year at the club to discuss past and future activities. Trailer boats, yachts and bay cruisers are some of the vessels you’ll find amongst the group.

Please note – at present we are looking for new volunteers to assist in the continuation and running of the group. If you are interested, please contact MBTBC today!

Leisurely trips around the Bay have included:

  • Weekend trips to Southern Haven;
  • Russell Island – members who don’t sleep on their boats share a holiday house, which has a pontoon and a mooring;
  • Somerset Dam – an annual autumn camping weekend when pots are set for red claw (fresh water crayfish) and fishing and other water activities are enjoyed;
  • Day trips to Peel Island and Moreton Island; and
  • Weekend trip to Little Ships Club.

For more information please contact MBTBC on 07 3396 8161