~~~~ WELCOME all 2020 Sailors ~~~~

The 2020 Race Season is upon us! Register to take part in the 2020 Manly Combined Clubs SERIES!

Register for the season or a casual race by clicking the REGISTRATION button below.


Sailing Dates for 2020:

  • Feb 9             
  • Mar 29                     
  • April 26                    
  • May 16 & 17
  • June 7  
  • July 25  – Big Lap Race  / Big Lap Charity Dinner 
  • July 26          
  • Aug 9
  • Sept 20         
  • Oct 18                      
  • Nov 21  Presentation Dinner

All Welcome to enjoy Sunday ‘after-race’ catch ups at the MBTBC Clubhouse featuring RAFFLES & PRIZES! We can’t wait to see you!

MONTHLY MEET: The Manly Combined Clubs series is run by the MBTBC Sailing Group which meets at 7:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month downstairs at MBTBC. All MBTBC and MCC sailing participants are welcome to attend.

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For the Manly Combined Clubs Series webpage – please click HERE.

2020 Committee

  • Sailing Group Captain              – Chris Eades    EMAIL: chriseades3@gmail.com   PH: 0410464904
  • Sailing Group Vice Captain      – David Moran
  • Secretary                                  – Susan Lock     EMAIL: susanlock03@gmail.com  PH: 0404 676 846
  • Treasurer                                  – Lisa Palethorpe
  • Honorary Committee Member  – Mike Mollison
  • Promotion                                 – Lisa Lens   – Yve Beard
  • Webmaster                               – Chris Eades
  • Race Officer / General              – Mike Mollison
  • Offshore Racing Officer            – Steve Kerin
  • Cruising Officer                         – Dave Moran





January 2020 Social News

with Sailing Group Captain – Chris Eades. 

Hi Fellow Boaties,

Not using your boat as much as you would like to?

Having trouble committing to a weekly sailing competition?

Not confident with your boat and really want to build that self-assurance and up-skilling with other like-minded people?

The Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club and Manly Combined Clubs 2020 sailing series commences on February 9th and is held once a month from February to October (incl.).

Races are open to all levels of experience – nominating with or without a spinnaker, beginners are catered for. We will have a “Rally Start” to help you gain further confidence.

Trophies are awarded to all place getters at an end of season function.  Race results will be announced at the end of each day’s racing at the MBTB Club as well as an automatic entry into draw prizes for participating skippers and crew in that day’s racing.

Interested boat owners and crew can also register with “Sail Connect” to support boat owners and can list the skills they offer.

Please see the Manly Combined Clubs Series webpage here for more on “Sail Connect”, or contact Mr. Chris Eades your Sailing Group Captain. 


Wishing you fair wind, following seas and it would be awesome to see you on the water.

Chris Eades

2020 Sailing Group Captain


– with Vice Captain Chris Eades

October Social Newsletter 2019

Our last race 10 on Sunday 20th October provided challenging winds and a complete change from previous races with no wind which helped to relief that frustration.

Congratulations’ to competitors who completed the around Peel Island venture. It truly tested experience and boat endurance.
We are looking forward to presenting all winners from the 2019 season with their well-deserved trophies from all Series and Division that have contended throughout the year.

SAVE THE DATE  ‘Presentation and Trophy Dinner night’
November 26th at MBTBC Functions room from 6.30pm. (details and booking information available soon!)

Thank you sincerely for all the generous sponsors and supporters which have contributed to a successful sailing season on our beautiful Moreton Bay.

See you on the water and look forward to an even bigger and better 2020

–   Chris Eades

The Biggest Sailing Challenge

– with Vice Captain Chris Eades.

August Social Newsletter 2019

The biggest challenge faced by all sailors is a no wind day and the frustration of attempting to complete a given course.
Race 8 provided a picture perfect example of that with a shorten course at Hope Banks but congratulations to all competitors that achieved that given challenge.

One of the primary reasons of competing in the combined clubs events is to up skill and contend with like-minded crews on boats, just as importantly, actually getting your beloved yacht out and giving it a crack which is what they are designed for. Not sitting in the marina waiting for the eternal ideal conditions.

You still have ample opportunity to play and vie on the best paddock in Australia… our much-loved Moreton Bay with a boatload of events over the next few months.

Up-coming events for you to participate in are;
• September 15th – Manly combined Clubs Race 9
• October 5th and 6th – St Helena Cup – Wynnum Manly Yacht Club.
• October 20th – Manly combined Clubs Race 10
• October 26th and 27th – Beneteau Cup and French Yacht Challenge. Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
We look forward to seeing you out on the water.

MBTBC Sailing Group / MCC Committee
We value your input and contribution… after all this is your combined clubs
The Manly Combined Clubs series is run by the MBTBC Sailing Group which meets at 7:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month downstairs at MBTBC.
All MBTBC and MCC sailing participants are welcome to attend.

More importantly there is a major change to AFTER race festivities with MBTBC sponsoring the raffles for after race day events race results at the MBTBC with great prizes to be won. Even the losers cannot lose… lots of luck.

See you on the water.

Chris Eades

Vice Captain.