Hi Members! Welcome again to the next addition of the MBTBC Newsletter. 

During September the Haven hosted the Australian Jet ski Association Red Nose Appeal charity event.  The event started at Southport and arrived at the Haven at around 10.00am where the participants were treated to free coffee, water and cakes.  All up there were approximately 70 Jet skis / 90 people who participated.  The crew left the Haven around 11.00am and headed for MBTBC where lunch was served along with prizes and awards distributed out.  All in all, it was a great success and a great event for the Haven.

During October further maintenance was undertaken as well as cleaning of the facilities and signage.

Of main concern to the Committee is the number of keys to the facility in the hands on non-members.  Options to remedy this are currently being considered and I expect changes to the current system will be installed in the coming months.

The facility operations manual was also updated during the month and is now located in the laundry adjacent to the generator key start.  The manual is also now available on our website.

In closing, the facility is now up and running and I urge you to take the time to visit and enjoy this fabulous asset of the club.

If you require anything concerning the Haven my contact details are: Email: john.willis@northan.com.au Phone: 0487 333 665

Thank you

John Willis

Southern Haven Rep


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