Since my last report there has been a break in at the haven with batteries stolen, solar panels stolen, battery chargers stolen as well as a selection of tools. Fortunately the generator and electricals were left alone. As this happened just prior to Christmas the committee moved swiftly to replace the stolen items and as a result the haven was back to normal prior to the Christmas break. By all accounts the facility serviced the needs of members who used the haven over the break with little problem.

So what does the new year bring you ask?

  • We are currently awaiting an insurance claim for damage to the rear shed caused by a falling tree. We hope this will be settled in the next few months.
  • We will also be installing a swipe card reader to the laundry which is where the start switch is for the generator. This is necessary as there are many keys out there held by non-members.
  • We will also be holding several working bees with the first scheduled for March. I will send out details of this a little closer to the date.

And finally, as the haven rep, I will continue to go to the haven once a month to maintain the facility. That said, I urge members when visiting the haven to pick up a rake or the blower and tidy around.

Happy boating.

John Willis – Haven Rep


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