As part of your benefits of being a full member at Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club the Southern Haven is an area leased on South Stradbroke Island that the club has held since the early 1980s. The facility has a large dining hall, BBQs, amenities block and overlooks Tipplers passage. With sandy beaches and fantastic relaxing views all of this included in your full membership!

For more information and as your guide on what is available please review the Haven Handbook

There are such great benefits of being a full member at MBTBC…

Access to Haven

All full members and their guests are invited and encouraged to make use of the Haven. In order to use the facilities, a Haven Key is required and this can be obtained by visiting the club and paying a refundable bond. The key will provide access to the toilets and laundry areas.


Hot showers are available at the Haven which are free but please respect the environment and use the water and resources responsibly. A gold coin donation is very much appreciated as all funds raised are contributed back into the upkeep of Southern Haven.


Camping is not permitted at the Haven but the site is conveniently located adjacent to the Council Campground. The Haven is a great option for campers that want to escape the rush on the public amenities as well as those sleeping on boats. It is also the ideal location for sundowners and a BBQ and a great setting for socialising with club members.


There is a number of BBQs available for use and these require $1 coins for operation. As the BBQs are in an open space it is important that the coin operated gas meters are still used. Change can be obtained from Tipplers Licensed Cafe but it is strongly recommended that you ensure you bring plenty of coins with you. For the consideration of other members, please ensure you leave BBQs tidy and clean after use.


Dredging has been recently completed in Tipplers Passage and there is now good options for anchoring directly in front of the Haven lease and is even suitable for deep draft vessels. For shallow draft vessels, you can anchor with the stern on the newly created foreshore. However, the beach and foreshore is public space and is not specifically reserved for club members. Please be considerate and tolerant of non-club members anchoring in the area.


The LPG generator is currently supplying power to the site and is fully operational. In order to use this generator, you will need to enter the generator shed using your Haven key. The gas bottle will need to be turned on first and then use the start switch on the LPG (Onan) generator to start the unit. The generator is only required for lights and electricity. The showers and plumbing systems can operate without the generator being on.