MBTBC Update 240320


Dear Members,

As you are all aware at midday yesterday all Clubs, including MBTBC, were instructed to cease operations of their normal business, which is in our case, an on-premise food and beverage venue.

As your Commodore I want to advise you that a Sub Committee, who has now reported to the Full Committee, met yesterday and took the necessary actions to comply with the Government instructions.  This means that until further notice the Bar and Bistro on-premise is closed.


So what does that mean for us as Members?

  • Other than the on-premise attendance, inside the Clubhouse, all other facilities are still accessible and available for use.  This includes the hardstand area, secure parking, and the five boat ramps.  Social distancing rules do apply.
  • ·To assist with any enquiries or issues (such as entry card failure for example) a staff Member will be in attendance at the Club from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm 7 days a week until we reopen, or situations change.
  • From midday today MBTBC will sell a limited range of Beer, Wine and Spirits, to FULL MBTBC Members only, from the reception area downstairs, and appropriate levels of inventory will be held to ensure continuity for Members.  Considering MBTBC’s limited buying power compared to larger outlets, your Committee has restricted the profit margin on these products to unsure Members satisfaction.  I want to reiterate this provision of alcohol is for Full Financial Members only.  The process is being set up this morning so no physical contact is necessary.
  • From midday today MBTBC will offer Pick Up or Free Home Delivery for a revised food menu for All Members, Full and Social, who reside within the greater Wynnum Manly area.  Again, this has been set up so no physical contact will be necessary.  Details will be on our Facebook Page and Website later this morning, including the menu, [Please see website homepage for menu] however, I can tell you the following:

~ ~ ~ ~

  • Members phone in an order (12.00 pm to 7.00 pm) 07 33968161
  • Payment processed by card over the phone
  • Estimated time of 20 minutes to be ready for pick up or ready to be delivered.
  • A catering hot box will be in the reception area to hold hot food for guest pick up, labelled with your name in approved takeaway containers.
  • Our license only allows the delivery of alcohol (Full Members only) if there is an accompanying food order
  • As we are offering free delivery, the minimum order value is $50.00
  • Foyer crowd density and pickup will be monitored by the onsite manager
  • Home delivery will be conducted under Social Distancing rules
  • Members are encouraged to take advantage of these services, not only as a high-quality food and beverage option, but to assist us in keeping some of our staff employed in some form.

Later this week the Annual Renewals for Full Members will be distributed. Under the Constitution these renewals are due for payment by 30 April. Considering the strong financial position of the Club, the high level of Member support, and the current challenges, the Committee has approved a $100 credit for all Members who pay prior to the due date, being 30 April.

The credit will be electronically applied to your membership card immediately upon payment. This credit can then be used for Home Delivery or Take Away food or beverages from our downstairs kiosk.

The Club will communicate with Members throughout the day and in the coming days to keep you fully informed.  A detailed Food and Beverage menu will be posted on our Facebook Page and Website this morning. We will also keep in touch via SMS when necessary.

I thank you for your understanding during this time. Please stay safe and where possible support each other and the MBTBC Community.


Guy Houghton

Commodore MBTBC Inc.

0474 741 467

MBTBC update 240320